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European Security: A Common Goal

2018-03-06 (kl. 14:00 - 15:00)
Folk och Försvar, Lilla Nygatan 14, Stockholm

Folk och Försvar invites you to a seminar on the future of European security post-Brexit and the forming of new security partnerships.

As the EU moves on from the initial shock of British decision to leave the European union several issues that require a common response regardless of Britain’s future withdrawal from established institutions, are becoming clear. A growing humanitarian crisis at the borders of Europe, political polarization and rising extremism, as well as an aggressive Russia and an increasingly disinterested United States are but a few of the issues facing the region ahead.

Internal and external security are policy fields of growing importance and a vision for a future partnership between Britain and the EU concerning these areas needs to be set. Even though a close cooperation between Britain and EU after Brexit is both necessary and expected, the process poses a broad set of challenges. How can we maintain cooperation on Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)? How can we continue to collaborate on internal security to ensure the security in Europe and the people who live here? What is the British perspective on the utilization of existing relationships and which topics are of importance to Sweden in this regard? How can we form new partnerships and how do we cooperate to confront threats in Europe and beyond?


Moderator Victor Canvert, Education manager, Folk och Försvar

14:00 Opening remarks
Victor Canvert, Folk och Försvar

14:00 The United Kingdom’s vision for a future internal and external security partnership 
Sarah Winter, Head of European Foreing Policy Team, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Ed Roberts, Deputy Head of Security Partnerships, Department for Exiting the EU

14:35 A future partnership for European security: A Swedish perspective
Anders Lindberg, Political Editor-in-Chief, Aftonbladet
Daniel Olsson, Team leader, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

15:00 End of seminar

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