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Perspectives on international security

2016-12-01 (kl. 09:15 - 15:00)
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum, Zootisalen, Uppsala

We live in an ever changing world. The big geostrategic shift from the west to the east, the civil war in Syria and the crisis of the European Union are just some of the challenges facing us. In this conference, we´ve chosen to focus on four topics; gender security, the crisis in the EU, the re-emerging Russia and the role of the UK in the world. One could look at this as four separate issues or as four issues that converge and frame the time in which we live in.


Moderator Fredrik Müller-Hansen, Education manager, Folk och Försvar

09:15 Introduction
Fredrik Müller-Hansen, Folk och Försvar
Helena Grusell, Department of Peace and conflict research

09:30 A gender perspective on International security
Josefine Karlsson, Manager Policy and advocacy unit, Kvinna till kvinna

10:00 Student panel

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Coffee break

10:40 The EU as a Security actor
Anke Schmidt Felzmann, Researcher, The Swedish institute of International affairs

11:20 Student panel

11:40 Q&A

11:50 Lunch

12:50 What does Putin want?
Dr. Ian Anthony, Programme director, SIPRI

13:20 Student panel

13:40 Q&A

13:50 Break

14:00 International security – a British perspective
Aidan Liddle, Deputy head of mission, British Embassy in Stockholm

14:30 Student panel

14:50 Q&A

15:00 End of conference

The seminar is organized in cooperation with Uppsala University.

*Please note that this seminar is not open to the public and is not available online.

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