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Foto: Sgt. Park Youngho/U.S. Army
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The Development on the Korean Peninsula

2017-02-08 (kl. 13:00 - 14:45)
Folk och Försvar, Lilla Nygatan 14, Stockholm

The Korean peninsula was liberated from the Japanese occupation in 1945 and the Korean population were divided into two states. The separation of the states was the start of the Korean conflict. In 1953 the two states signed a truce but it has never formally been peace. The same year, the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission-NNSC was formed by the four countries (Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Czechoslovakia). The commissions task is to monitor that the truce is held. It was and still is an important part of preventing tensions and an escalation of the conflict.

What is Sweden’s role in the Commission today? What impact has the Korean conflict on the region and what is the way forward?

Folk och Försvar cordially invites you to a seminar regarding the latest development on the Korean Peninsula together with MajGen Mats Engman, head of the Swedish delegation to NNSC from the Swedish Armed Forces and Mr. James Pearson, Correspondent from Korea Reuters who covers both north and south Korea and who has written several articles and books about the Korean Peninsula.


Moderator Ebba Lundin, Program manager Folk och Försvar

Ebba Lundin, program manager Folk och Försvar

13:05 Situation in North Korea, any possibility for negotiations?
Mr. James Pearson, Correspondent Korea Reuters

13:35 Sweden’s contribution to the commission
MajGenMats Engman, head of the Swedish delegationto NNSC, the Swedish Armed Forces

14:05 Q & A
James Pearson
Mats Engman

14:45 End of seminar

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