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Youth, Peace and Security - What Does the UN Security Council Resolutions 2250 and 2419 Mean for Defense and Security Policy?

2018-11-27 (kl. 17:00 - 18:15)
Folk och Försvar, Lilla Nygatan 14, Stockholm

Since the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security back in 2015, the agenda has gradually taken shape globally and regionally. The term ‘youth, peace and security’ has been explored in an increasing number of security policy discussions and youth participation highlighted in global peace building. During the summer of 2018, resolution 2419 was adopted under Swedish leadership in the Security Council which further underline the importance of a continued focus on youth, peace and security. 

In 2018 the UN-supported report “The Missing Peace” was published which emphasises young people’s contribution to peace building and conflict prevention. Throughout the UN processes, young persons and youth organisations have advocated for an increased role and recognition in security and defense policy. Through the adoptions of the resolutions the UN Security Council acknowledged the significance of youth participation in defense and security policy.

Finnish youth organisations raised the agenda for youth, peace and security at an early stage and Finland has become one of the champions of the agenda globally. The Finnish government has in 2018 initiated a process for creating an action plan for implementing resolutions 2250 and 2419 together with the Finnish youth movement.

How did the youth, peace and security agenda take form? How did it find its way to the Security Council? Why is it needed? How does it play a role in a global, European and Nordic perspective? What are some possible paths for Swedish engagement in the agenda?

Folk och Försvar together with the European Youth Forum, Allianssi, Finnish Embassy and LSU invite you to a seminar to discuss these and many more issues about youth, peace and security.




Moderator Elin Lilijenbladh, education manager, Folk och Försvar

17:00 Welcome
Elin Lilijenbladh, education manager, Folk och Försvar

17:05 From a global to a European perspective
Dejan Bojanic, Vice-president, European Youth Forum

17:20 From idea to implementation – a Finnish perspective on youth, peace and security
Joel Linnainmäki, Specialist on International Advocacy, Allianssi (The Youth Council of Finland)
Ville Andersson, Counsellor at Embassy of Finland in Stockholm

17:50 How Swedish youth organisations work with youth, peace and security and possible paths forward
Emelie Weski, Vice-president, LSU (The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations)

18:00 Q&A

18:15 End of seminar

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