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NATO, peace and security: Future challenges in the Baltic Sea region

2019-07-01 (kl. 15:00 - 16:00)
Säkerhetsforum, Visby

As the security situation in the Baltic Sea region becomes more complex, and as tensions continue between Russia and its neighbours, the role of NATO is of increasing interest. What is NATO’s strategy for stability in the region? And what challenges does it face regionally and further afield?

This seminar is arranged by Folk och Försvar and the British Embassy in Stockholm.


Moderator: David Bruhn, Program manager for defence policy, Folk och Försvar

15:00 Introduction
David Bruhn, Folk och Försvar

15:05 Nato and in the Baltic Sea region
Laurie Walker, Deputy Head of the Euro-Atlantic and Global Partnership Section, Nato
Anna Wieslander, Director, Atlantic Council Sweden

15:35 Nato as a security policy actor
Amanda Wollstad, editor in chief, Svensk tidsskrift
Anders Lindberg, political editor in chief, Aftonbladet

16:00 End of seminar

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