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Security in the Baltic Sea Region with Estonia's Prime Minister

2022-05-25 (kl. 10:30 - 11:15)

The fullscale Russian invasion of Ukraine has dramatically challenged the European security order and its foundational principles. This has led to major reconsiderations in the defence and security policy of several countries, including Sweden. Society & Defence invites you to attend a seminar with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, to discuss the security situation in the Baltic Sea Region. There will be opportunities for the audience to ask questions.


10:30-10:35 Introduction

Maud Holma von Heijne, Secretary General, Society & Defence

10:35-10:40 Opening remarks

Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister, Estonia

10:40-10:50 Comments

Jakob Hallgren, Director, Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Göran von Sydow, Director, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies

10:50-11:15 Discussion and Q&A

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