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Sweden and Georgia - Defence Cooperation in a Turbulent World

2017-01-24 (kl. 14:00 - 15:00)
Medehalvsmuseet, Fredsgatan 2, Stockholm

Since the series of Russian military aggression against Georgia and occupation of Georgian territories, Georgia is facing several security challenges. Despite an unstable neighborhood, a complicated relationship with Russia and certain internal political instability, Georgia is putting in a big effort in proceeding with its ambitious defence reform to modernize its defence sector and enhance cooperation. Membership of both NATO and EU is on the agenda, even if the timetable seems to be delayed. The country receives extensive international support in the fields of democratic reforms, as well as in the economic development and specific reform assistance in important defence reform-related fields and Sweden is one of the key partners.

What are the foreign and security priorities of Georgia? How is the NATO and EU membership process going? How can Georgia contribute to common Euro-Atlantic security? What is the most effective response to Russian steps in the region?

Folk och Försvar cordially invites you to a seminar on the occasion of the visit of the Defence Minister of Georgia to Sweden, for the first time.


Moderator Fredrik Müller-Hansen, Education manager, Folk och Försvar

14:00 Welcome remarks
Fredrik Müller-Hansen, Folk och Försvar

14:05 Swedish-Georgian Defence Partnership
Peter Hultqvist, Swedish Minister of Defence

14:15 Georgia: security in a volatile neighborhood
Levan Izoria, Defence Minister of Georgia

14:40 Q&A
Peter Hultqvist, Swedish Minister of Defence
Levan Izoria, Defence Minister of Georgia

15:00 End of Seminar

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