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Foto: Spc. Christopher Brecht/U.S. Army
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The Global Coalition against Daesh

2016-09-19 (kl. 13:00 - 14:15)
Lilla Nygatan 14

67 countries are united in the Global Coalition with the ultimate purpose of defeating Daesh. The Global Coalition against Daesh was formed in September 2014 and Sweden have since August 2015 participated in the military training mission in northern Iraq. With Daesh destructive way of killing and spreading fear in Iraq and Syria and with the attempt of spreading the terror to Europe and other parts of the world, the coalition is facing a difficult task. But the coalition members are committed to tackling Daesh on all fronts, to dismantling its networks and countering its global ambitions.

Can we totally defeat Daesh and if so, what happens after? What is the biggest success made by the coalition so far and what is the main challenge? How is Sweden contributing?

On the occasion of Elissa Slotkins, chairperson of the Global Coalition and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, US DoD visit to Stockholm Folk och Försvar invites you to a seminar about the work done by the Global Coalition.


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