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When the Crisis Hits - European Experiences

2018-04-24 (kl. 08:30 - 10:30)
Folk och försvar, Lilla Nygatan 14, Stockholm

As crisis emerge professionals, organizations and societies react depending on how they are prepared. In terms of crisis preparedness European countries have readied themselves in different ways depending on the threats. One threat that many countries share though, is terrorism.

The Brussels bombings in 2016 and the attack in central Stockholm 2017 was seen in the light of previous attacks in cities around Europe the last decade e.g. London, Madrid, Paris, Nice, Berlin and Barcelona. How do one prepare a professional organization to deal with the threat from violent extremism and terrorists? How do you succeed and avoid pitfalls in the handling of an attack? How do you communicate the risk and threat together with the fact that the open, democratic society may never be able to prevent all attacks by, for example, lone-wolf terrorists?

Together with Stijn Pieters, Secretary General CIP Institute and member of the Belgian national teamD5 and Sara Kvarnström Nilsson, Head of Press at the Swedish Police Authority we will discuss how different organizations prepare and react when crisis hits. How can the Swedish and Belgian systems learn from each other and how integral part of crisis management is communication?

The seminar will be held in English.


Moderator Folk och Försvar

08.30 Breakfast is served

09.00 Welcome remarks

09.05 Stijn Pieters

09.25 Sara Kvarnström Nilsson

09.45 Discussion

If you wish to participate please contact kristoffer.almdahlin@folkochforsvar.se. This seminar will not be broadcasted live nor recorded.

This event is co-organized between CIP Institute and Folk och Försvar.

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